The Randle’s Tee Up for A Brighter Tomorrow

Gold Jacket John Randle and his wife Candace will join forces with the St. David’s Center for their fourth annual “Tee Up for Tomorrow” Golf Tournament on Monday (July 11).

Other local sports celebrities and guests will enjoy a challenging round of golf on Minneapolis’s own Hazeltine National Golf Club, which will play host to the 2016 Ryder Cup.

The “Tee Up for Tomorrow” Golf Tournament supports 2,600 children and their families who rely on St. David’s Center for early childhood education, early intervention and life-phase services.

“I’m very proud to be a part of this organization,” said Randle. “St. David’s Center benefits so many families in the state of Minnesota and for me and my wife to help in anyway, is truly an honor and blessing.”

Founded in 1961, the center has a mission that is deeply rooted in building relationships that will nurture the development of every child and family. The center raised 16 million dollars in 2015, a goal that was met five years early.

For the John and Candace, this is a mission that hits close to home. Their young son Johnathan is a child with special needs and attends the St. David’s Center and has shown great progress over the course of his participation.

“I think the benefits for Johnathan being in the Inclusion Program which includes growing, learning and watching his peers has been integral for our son’s success,” shared Candace.

“My son really couldn’t talk,” said John. “But now he’s saying, ‘Dad I love you and good morning Dad.’ As a father, you want to jump up and down because every day is a beautiful day.”

No matter how much success Randle has experienced on the field, being a part of “Team St. David’s” has brought some much more joy to his life.