Hall of Fame Joins HOF Village, I Got It to Bring Football-Related NFTs to Market

General Published on : 2/11/2022
The Pro Football Hall of Fame has entered into a partnership with Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Co. (NASDAQ: HOFV) and I Got It to bring non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and digital collectibles to fans of professional football.

Together, the three partners will develop, market and sell digital assets and NFTs centered around some of the most iconic moments and game-used memorabilia that are preserved inside the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

“Working with Hall of Fame Village and I Got It in this exciting and fast-growing medium will honor the Hall of Famers — the Hall’s primary mission – and we’ll get input from those players, coaches and contributors in this endeavor,” said Jim Porter, President of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “The NFTs that are released will honor their legacies, while also reviving special moments pivotal to the rich history of professional football. The collectibles also can bring an educational component to younger fans, which will build interest in the game and expand its audience.”

The partnership, which capitalizes on the strengthening relationship between the Hall of Fame and Hall of Fame Village, gives direct access to exclusive content and will provide collectors and enthusiasts everywhere a unique way to engage. Working with a high-quality partner in IGI will allow the Hall and Village to digitize more of the artifacts inside the Hall of Fame and accelerate the speed at which they can deliver digital collectibles and NFTs to fans of professional football around the world.
The companies also plan to develop an engaging and interactive mobile platform to host the NFTs and supplement the experience at the Hall of Fame Museum that will be accessible through both the Hall’s and the Village’s websites.
“Since the NFT market has become more mainstream early last year, we have been flooded with requests from fans of professional football for digital assets centered on some of the most pivotal moments and artifacts from the game’s history,” said Michael Crawford, President and CEO of Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Co. “Both Hall of Fame Village and the Pro Football Hall of Fame spent the past few months working very closely, poring through the thousands of unique items and footage memorialized inside the walls of the Hall of Fame that we could digitize and repackage as NFTs or digital collectibles.
“By partnering with IGI, one of the most respected names in this space, we are now in a position to expedite getting these assets into the market. Given that no one else has access to all of this iconic memorabilia and content, coupled with the high demand for NFTs tied to the most popular sport in the world, we expect this partnership to support our media division while also having a significant positive effect on the rest of our business verticals.”
The Hall, Village and I Got It will spend the next few months developing the digital collectibles and NFTs and will begin offering them to the market this year. To celebrate the partnership, the companies will be launching a promotional contest that will include a special 1-of-1 Hall of Fame NFT and two VIP packages for events at the 2022 Enshrinement Week Powered by Johnson Controls.
All those who enter the NFT giveaway contest will be receive a free commemorative Hall of Fame NFT, minted up to the number of entrants (one per entrant), and the opportunity to pre-purchase the first official NFTs, which are being timed to go on sale in tandem with the 2022 NFL regular-season kickoff in September. In addition, up to 250 owners of the commemorative Hall NFT will be granted access to the museum free of charge. Additional details and rules surrounding the promotional contest will be announced in the coming weeks.
Those wishing to join an early waitlist should visit ProFootballHOF.com/NFT
“Our goals are to continue to honor the sport that we all love and to grow and preserve the enterprise value of our NFTs through longevity and utility,” said Nicole Johnson, co-founder of I Got It. “I believe the NFT community and football fans will love what’s in store as far as product roadmap – including private museum collections and metaverse applications. We are committed to developing a robust microeconomy and community along with our great partners.”