Answers to Steelers Trivia - #6

Answers to Steelers Trivia - #6

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Did you really think we were going to give you multiple choice answers? If you’re the type of fan that can brag that your team’s won five Super Bowls, then you better be able to answer these about the Steelers!!

1. What college did running back Rocky Bleier attend? Notre Dame

2. When was Chuck Noll's last playoff victory? 1989. Pittsburgh beat the Houston Oilers in overtime, 26-23

3. Who ranks third on the Steelers all-time receptions list with 358 grabs? Wide receiver Louis Lipps

4. In what year did the Steelers franchise make their first playoff appearance? 1947. Pittsburgh lost 21-0 to the cross-state rival Philadelphia Eagles in an NFL Eastern Division playoff game

5. Nose tackle Casey Hampton was Pittsburgh's first round pick out of Texas in what year? 2001

6. In 1972, the Steelers played in a memorable playoff game in which they defeated the Oakland Raiders in the final minute with Franco Harris' "Immaculate Reception." What was the final score of that game? 13-7

7. What year did the Steelers first call Three Rivers Stadium home? 1970

8. Tight end Heath Miller won what major award as an All-America at Virginia in 2004? The Mackey Award, named after Hall of Fame tight end, John Mackey

9. What team did the Steelers defeat twice in their six Super Bowl appearances? Dallas Cowboys

10. Who is this famous Steelers player pictured below? Hint: This linebacker was drafted out of Clemson in 1992 and was a two-time Steelers MVP in 1998 and 1999.

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Levon Kirkland, who played in Pittsburgh from 1992-2000, represented the Steelers in two Pro Bowls



How did you do?

10 correct – You deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame next to Art Rooney!
8-9 correct – This performance is reminiscent of Willie Parker’s Super Bowl record TD run
5-7 correct – This puts you third on the depth chart behind John Stallworth and Lynn Swann
1-4 correct – You better hone up on your team history by visiting the TRADITION section of the Steelers website.
0 correct – Are you sure you’re not a Browns fan?

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