Backdraft: Dallas Cowboys

Backdraft: Dallas Cowboys

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BACKDRAFT SERIES: For 16 days leading up to the 2011 NFL Draft, we're rolling out capsule draft histories of each of the 32 NFL Teams.



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2011 Draft Position:
• 9


First-Ever Draft Pick:

Bob Lilly, DT, TCU (1st Round, 13th overall, 1961)


Most Recent Draft Pick:

• Sean Lissemore, DT, William & Mary (7th round, 234th overall, in 2010)


Hall of Famers Drafted:

Bob Lilly - 1st Round (13th overall), 1961 (Also drafted in 2nd round of 1961 AFL Draft by the Dallas Texans.)
Billy Shaw – 14th Round (184th overall), 1961 (Also drafted in 2nd Round of AFL Draft by Buffalo Bills)
Mel Renfro - 2nd Round (17th overall), 1964 (Also drafted in 10th round - 79th overall - of 1964 AFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders.)
Bob Hayes - 7th Round (88th overall), 1964 (Also drafted as future choice in 14th round - 105th overall – of 1964 AFL Draft by Denver Broncos.)
Roger Staubach - 10th Round (129th overall), 1964 (Also drafted as a future selection in 16th round - 122nd overall - of 1964 AFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs.)
Rayfield Wright - 7th Round (182nd overall), 1967
Randy White - 1st Round (2nd overall), 1975
Tony Dorsett - 1st Round (2nd overall), 1977
Michael Irvin- 1st Round (11th overall), 1988
Troy Aikman - 1st Round (1st overall), 1989
Emmitt Smith - 1st Round (17th overall), 1990


First Overall Pick in the NFL Draft:

• 1991 – Russell Maryland, DT, Miami (FL)
• 1989 – Troy Aikman, QB, UCLA
• 1974 – Ed "Too Tall" Jones, DE, Tennessee State

Ed "Too Tall" Jones Tony Dorsett Troy Aikman
Did you know?
The Cowboys have owned the first overall pick in the NFL draft just three times but it twice took trades to acquire it. In 1974, the Cowboys dealt two veteran players – Tody Smith and Billy Parks – to the Houston Oilers for the top pick. Dallas selected 6'9" defensive end "Too Tall" Jones.

In 1991, the Cowboys shipped a first-round pick acquired from Minnesota, their second-rounder and three players – Ron Francis, David Howard and Eugene Lockhart – to the New England Patriots to land the first pick in the draft. The Cowboys selected Miami DT Russell Maryland with the top choice.


"I think Dorsett will go to Seattle," stated Pittsburgh Steelers President Dan Rooney prior to the 1977 NFL Draft. "We were never of a mind to make a trade for Seattle's choice. We'd like to have Dorsett but what it would take would not be worth wrecking our team for."

It was a foregone conclusion that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, fresh off a 0-14 season would draft Southern Cal running back Ricky Bell. So, that left the Seahawks with first shot at grabbing Dorsett who won the Heisman Trophy in 1976. Maybe the Steelers weren't interested in traded up to get the Pittsburgh native but several other teams were such as the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, and Dallas Cowboys.

Although it was rumored that the Seahawks and Cowboys had agreed on a deal five weeks before the draft that was contingent on the Bucs selecting Bell, the trade wasn't finalized until the Seahawks were on the clock. The final ransom for the No. 2 pick was the Cowboys No. 1 draft choice and three additional second-round picks, one of which Seattle returned to Dallas for WR Duke Fergerson.

Cowboys coach Tom Landry was elated after the deal has been consummated. "(We've) never had a player with this breakaway speed. The confidence factor is going to be a big thing with player like Dorsett. Our players know he has the ability and there is going to be an air of confidence throughout the team about what he can do. The trade, of course, is excellent for us."

As a rookie, "TD" rushed for 1,007 yards and 12 touchdowns to help lead his team to a Super Bowl championship.



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