Backdraft: Indianapolis Colts

Backdraft: Indianapolis Colts

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BACKDRAFT SERIES: For 16 days leading up to the 2011 NFL Draft, we're rolling out capsule draft histories of each of the 32 NFL Teams.

Backdraft Series
Apr. 12 - Packers | Steelers
Apr. 13 - Bears | Jets
Apr. 14- Patriots | Falcons
Apr. 15- Ravens | Seahawks
Apr. 16- Saints | Eagles
Apr. 17- Colts | Chiefs
Apr. 18- Buccaneers | Giants
Apr. 19- Chargers | Raiders
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2011 Draft Position:
• 22

First-Ever Draft Pick:

• Billy Vessels, HB, Oklahoma (1st Round, 2nd overall, in 1953)


Most Recent Draft Pick:

• Ray Fisher, DB, Indiana (7th round, 246th overall, in 2010)


Hall of Famers Drafted:

Raymond Berry - 20th Round (232nd overall), 1954
Lenny Moore - 1st Round (9th overall), 1956
Jim Parker - 1st Round (8th overall), 1957
Ron Mix - 1st Round (10th overall), 1960 (Also drafted in 1st round of 1960 AFL Draft by Boston Patriots and traded to San Diego Chargers)
John Mackey - 2nd Round (19th overall), 1963
Ted Hendricks - 2nd Round (33rd overall), 1969
John Elway - 1st Round (1st overall), 1983
Marshall Faulk – 1st Round (2nd overall), 1994


First Overall Pick in the NFL Draft:

• 1998 – Peyton Manning, QB, Tennessee
• 1992 – Steve Emtman, DT, Washington
• 1990 – Jeff George, QB, Illinois
• 1983 – John Elway, QB, Stanford
• 1967 – "Bubba" Smith, DT, Michigan State
• 1955 – George Shaw, QB, Oregon

Bubba Smith Marshall Faulk Peyton Manning
Did you know?
The Colts franchise (first in Baltimore and today in Indianapolis) have selected a player first overall six times. Four times they used the top pick on quarterbacks and twice on defensive linemen (see list above).

In 1967, the first year of a joint draft between the rival American Football League and the National Football League, the Colts obtained the top pick from the expansion New Orleans Saints. The Colts sent veteran quarterback Gary Cuozzo to New Orleans to get the first overall pick which they used on 6'7" "Bubba" Smith out of Michigan State.

Cuozzo played one year for the Saints before moving on to the Minnesota Vikings for four seasons and one last year with the St. Louis Cardinals. Smith developed into an excellent defensive end for nine seasons in the NFL. A two-time Pro Bowler, Smith spent the first five years in a Colts uniform before being traded to the Oakland Raiders for tight end Raymond Chester.


''There was arguing going on. It was passionate, it was healthy, but it was intense.''

An unnamed insider at the Colts sharing what went on before the 1998 NFL Draft. Indianapolis GM Bill Polian and Coach Jim Mora and company apparently made the decision on the morning of the draft to select Tennessee QB Peyton Manning over Washington State's Ryan Leaf.



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