Celebrate Excellence EVERYWHERE: Edition 11

Celebrate Excellence EVERYWHERE: Edition 11

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The mission of the Pro Football Hall of Fame is to Honor the Heroes of the Game, Preserve its History, Promote its Values, Celebrate Excellence EVERYWHERE. Each Friday, ProFootballHOF.com features stories from the football world and beyond that illustrate the celebration of excellence!

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Dickerson & Reed Team Up

Gold Jackets Eric Dickerson and Andre Reed teamed up two days ago to help raise money for children in need. Dickerson and Reed participated in the 30th annual Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce or CIBC Miracle Day where the bank’s traders and brokers donate their trading commissions and fees to support children’s charities. 

CIBC Miracle Day is held on the first Wednesday of December because it is one of the bank’s busiest trading days of the year. The event has raised $74 million in Canada and $223 million globally since its existence.

UCLA Honors Aikman

UCLA recently retired Gold Jacket Troy Aikman’s No. 8 jersey during halftime of the school’s game against rival Stanford.

Watch how UCLA honored the Class of 2006 enshrinee:

Williams Helps Rebuild Community

Gold Jacket Aeneas Williams and some of his former teammates have been helping the Ferguson community recover and move forward after riots destroyed parts of the city.

Check out the video below to see how Williams has been volunteering his time.

Maclin’s Mission

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin grew up without a permanent home as a child. For much of his childhood, he was raised by his football coach, Jeff Parres. Maclin is now in a position where he can give back. Although he was never officially adopted by Parres, Maclin feels a kinship to children who have been or are in the foster-care system.

Maclin has initiated a program through the National Adoption Center, a Philadelphia-based organization founded in 1972 that has helped more than 23,000 kids in foster care find new homes, where he hosts adopted family at Eagles home games.

Holiday Tradition

The Holidays came early for children ages 8-16 from the Harris County Department of Family Protective Services in Houston, Texas. Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson continued his holiday tradition by purchasing toys for kids in need. The group of children had 80 seconds to race through Toys R Us and fill their shopping cart with as many items as they wanted.

Bud Grant Way

This past Monday, on Dec. 1, 2014, Gold Jacket coach Bud Grant was honored by the Minnesota Vikings and the City of Minneapolis. Flanked by his family, friends, former players and fans Grant expressed his gratitude as the stretch on 9th Avenue between 6th Street and 7th Street that was previously known as Carew Drive near the Vikings’ new under-construction stadium was dedicated and will now be called “Bud Grant Way.” Back to news