Class of 2006 Quotes

Class of 2006 Quotes

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"When I think of all the great players who have played the game over the history of it, to be considered one of the great players ... that helped define the game itself, it is a humbling experience." - Troy Aikman, following his induction announcement, February 4, 2006.

"He's a Young, Marino, Elway and Bradshaw, a first-year Hall of Famer. He really resurrected the Dallas Cowboys. He was a spectacular football player when he was asked to be spectacular." - Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Hall of Famer Roger Staubach on Aikman, February 2006

 "I don't think they have the 1990's without him. The 90's resurrected all of us." - Staubach on Aikman, February 2006

 "It’s great that Troy is going in the Hall of Fame because he deserves to be there. I am happy for him because I know that he put in the time and hard work during his career to get to this point," - Former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith on Aikman

 "His leadership and focus are what made us the team we were in the 1990s. I am glad to see that he is now being recognized for all the things he did for the Dallas Cowboys and the entire National Football League." - Smith on Aikman, February 4, 2006


  "I'm just elated by Harry's election. He was a tremendous player and an integral part of one of the NFL's best two or three defenses for several years. He was a dynamic performer, a true professional and someone who is more than deserving of this recognition. I'm very happy for Harry." - Former New York Giants and current Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells on Harry Carson, February 4, 2006

 "Harry Carson’s talent, humility and passion for the game of football, as well as his passion for life, have been rewarded. The entire New York Giants organization and family are happy and thrilled that Harry Carson has his rightful place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame." - Steve Tisch, New York Giants Executive Vice President, on Carson, February 4, 2006

 "I asked him about it when we were together a couple of weeks ago. He’s always been apprehensive, having been a bridesmaid all these years. He really didn’t want to tip his hand. He was kind of cautious. But I asked him, ‘Harry, how would you feel if they finally came to their senses and elected you?’ He said it would be one of the proudest days of his life. He will be overjoyed. I think he will compose himself and you won’t see the feelings deep inside of him. But I can tell you this is the proudest day of his professional life. This is something he has dreamed about." - George Martin, former New York Giants defensive end on how he thinks Carson will react to the news, February 4, 2006

 "Number one, Harry is very deserving, and number two, this is an honor that is long overdue. He played middle linebacker like a man among boys. Harry was a warrior who led by example. He was a great player and a great team leader. Harry didn’t back down from anybody or any challenge. He was very good…now it’s safe to say he was great, because he’s finally in the Hall of Fame." - Carl Banks, former New York Giants Linebacker on Carson, February 4, 2006


"John Madden takes his place in the sun we hope this week. One of his great virtues, the fire that burned brightest in him, was his love for football and his passion for it. His passion for it is seldom ever equaled." - Oakland Raiders owner and Hall of Famer Al Davis on John Madden, February 2, 2006

"We've all gone through it. This is part of our lives, what we live for. He's shooting for it. This is what he wants. ... I think someday the epitaph that shall be his will read: He was a football coach, he was a brilliant football coach. It's about time everyone raised their hand and saluted to John 'Great job.'" - Davis on Madden, February 2, 2006

"He not only competed against the greatest coaches, he played in the greatest games - Heidi Bowl, Immaculate Reception, Holy Roller, Sea of Hands. He won the Super Bowl in '76, was in great games in '75 and '74. The Raiders were the pinnacle of pro football and portrayed a way of playing." - Davis on Madden, February 2, 2006

"It's time he took his rightful place in the Hall of Fame and he certainly brings an excellence to it that no one can deny." - Davis on Madden, February 2, 2006


"All the stereotypes that were out there about black quarterbacks - we couldn't lead; we couldn't think; we couldn't throw the football - to get into this elite group of players who are the best in history would make it even more special." - Warren Moon, February 2006

"Warren influenced so many young African-American kids to play quarterback, and he also convinced a lot of coaches that African-American quarterbacks could be successful. Also, this is a time I wish the voters would think outside the box, because, basically, Warren had to go to Canada to play the position he wanted to play, and he won five championships. As someone who played against Warren more than most, I think he's definitely deserving of being in the Hall of Fame." - Former NFL defensive back Rod Woodson on Moon, February 2006

"Warren opened the door for a lot of us. When he came out of Washington as the Pac-10 Player of the Year and the Rose Bowl MVP, he didn't get any calls about being drafted, so he had a decision to make: Trying to sign as an undrafted free agent or go to the CFL. Warren did it the hard way, and that opened the door for a lot of us. I'm excited he has this opportunity to be voted into the Hall of Fame. I'm praying for him. If I had a vote, I'd vote for him to be one of those guys receiving his yellow sports coat in Canton." - Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb on Moon, February 2006

"To me all it shows is versatility. I was able to be productive in a different game with different rules in a different country. And then I came down here and played this game and anywhere I went I was pretty productive, so that's the thing I'm most proud of. It doesn't matter what offense I was put in or what team I played for, I was still able to do some of the same things." - Moon, February 2006

"Doug Williams did a little bit of that when he won the Super Bowl, but this would take it to another level." - Moon, February 2006


"One of the greatest defensive ends in the history of the game and one of those most responsible for the resurgence of the Green Bay Packers in the 1990s…" - Cliff Christl, writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, on Reggie White, February 3, 2006

"But this guy (White) combined size and speed, so there's nobody like him. Gino Marchetti back when would be the only one I could think of who combined it like this guy. Physically, there weren't many times one guy ever blocked (White) whether it was a run or a pass. From production on Sunday, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone better." - Scout Mike Giddings on Reggie White, February 2006

"I don't know if there has been a physical defensive end like him. To this day - the club move - I don't remember anybody who could take his right arm coming from the left side and hit those damn tackles in the left shoulder and just annihilate them. The guy was just uncanny physically. He was just special. I don't know that anybody has combined the strength, speed ratio the guy had." - Giddings on White, February 2006

"But I sat up there in Green Bay and watched Marchetti and watched Willie Davis, who probably in their time were the two best pass rushers in their era, which kind of overlapped. And you'd be hard-pressed to pick either one of those over Reggie White." - Former Green Bay General Manager Ron Wolf on White, February 2006


 "Thanks to my teammate Rayfield Wright, I made it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was the very best at his position in the NFL and I am proud he is now in the Hall of Fame." - Staubach on Rayfield Wright, February 2006

 "Somebody had to block. I don't know if an offense could move without an offensive line." - Wright, February 2006

"He is one of the greatest offensive linemen to play. He should have been in before now." - Former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle and Hall of Famer Randy White on Wright, February 2006

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