Class of 2015 Presenters

Class of 2015 Presenters

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The eight members of the Class of 2015 – Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, Charles Haley, Bill Polian, Junior Seau, Will Shields, Mick Tingelhoff, and Ron Wolf – will be at the center of the football world during the Enshrinement Weekend in Canton, Ohio on Aug. 6-9.

Joining the new class throughout the weekend celebration will be the individual selected by each enshrinee to serve as his presenter. The group of presenters for the Class of 2015 includes two brothers, a son, daughter, owner, coach, teammate, and longtime friend.

The presenters for the Class of 2015:

Jerome Bettis - John Bettis III, Jerome’s brother
Tim Brown - Donald Kelly, Tim’s brother
Charles Haley - Edward DeBartolo, Jr., former San Francisco 49ers owner
Bill Polian - Marv Levy, Hall of Fame coach
Junior Seau - Sydney Seau, Junior’s daughter
Will Shields - Adrian Lunsford, friend
Mick Tingelhoff - Fran Tarkenton, Mick’s teammate & HOF quarterback
Ron Wolf - Eliot Wolf, Ron’s son

It is a reversal of roles for Polian and Levy. When Levy was enshrined into the Hall of Fame in 2001, Polian served as his presenter. This marks the fourth time that Levy will serve as a presenter having done so for three of his former Buffalo Bills players, Jim Kelly (2002), Thurman Thomas (2007) and Andre Reed (2014).



“I’m so honored and complimented that he asked me to be his presenter. He’s not just a former co-worker of mine; we are great friends as well,” Levy shared about Polian. “His contributions to the game have been magnificent and I savor the opportunity to be his presenter.”

DeBartolo, Jr. will serve as a presenter for the fifth time when he presents defensive end/linebacker Charles Haley for enshrinement next month. DeBartolo presented coach Bill Walsh in 1993, quarterback Joe Montana in 2000, defensive end Fred Dean in 2008, and wide receiver Jerry Rice in 2010.





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The first “official” duty of the presenters takes place at the Enshrinees’ Gold Jacket Dinner on Thursday, Aug. 6 in Canton. The presenters, along with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Hall of Fame President David Baker will be center stage to greet the Class of 2015 after they pass through a ceremonial gauntlet of the more than 100 Hall of Famers on hand for the weekend’s activities. The presenters will then formally present the Hall of Fame Gold Jacket to their specific enshrinee. The gala event will be televised by NFL Network.

At the Enshrinement Ceremony on Saturday, Aug. 8 in Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, the presenters will officially introduce the Class of 2015 through video presentations shown on large video screens and broadcast to the national television audience. Then, in dramatic fashion, the presenter joins his Hall of Fame Enshrinee to unveil his Bronzed Bust. The entire 2015 Enshrinement will be broadcast live on ESPN and NFL Network.

The Enshrinement Ceremony is nearly sold out. Remaining tickets can be purchased online or by calling 844-4HOFTIX (844-446-3849).





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