Cribbs, Harrison jerseys come to Canton

Cribbs, Harrison jerseys come to Canton

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At the conclusion of Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini’s Monday afternoon press conference, the Pro Football Hall of Fame was presented with two jerseys from the Browns’ thrilling 41-34 win in Kansas City on Sunday. Browns running back Jerome Harrison presented his jersey he wore in the game along with the one worn by teammate Josh Cribbs to Hall of Fame Board of Trustees Chairman Tom Schervish.

Cribbs, who was unable to attend the press conference because of a prior commitment to a toy drive with fellow players, became the NFL’s all-time leader in career kickoff returns for touchdowns when he returned his first of two kicks yesterday. Cribbs, with his two scores on Sunday, now has eight career kickoff returns for touchdowns. His two returns, 100 and 103 yards, also made him just the second player in NFL history to have two kickoff returns of 100 yards or more in the same game. The only other player to achieve that feat was the Miami Dolphins Ted Ginn, Jr. who did so in Week 8 of this season.

Harrison, a fourth-year player out of Washington State, broke the bank yesterday when he shattered the team record that had stood for nearly 50 years. He gained 286 yards on the ground to break the mark held by Hall of Famer Jim Brown who had rushed for 237 yards once in 1957 and again in 1961.

“It's not every day you see somebody gain almost 300 yards rushing," Schervish told the media on hand. "Our mission at the Hall of Fame is to maintain the artifacts and the history of the NFL. We're very pleased that Jerome and Josh have agreed to add to our collection at the Hall.”

Harrison’s rushing total against the Chiefs was the third most in an NFL game behind only Adrian Peterson’s 296 yards in 2007 and Jamal Lewis’s 295 yards in a game in 2003.

Multiple Kickoffs returned for TDs in same game

Nine players in NFL history have had a pair of kickoff returns for TDs in the same game.

Timmy Brown, Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys (W, 24-23)
Nov. 6, 1966 – 93 yards (1Q); 90 yards (2Q)

Travis Williams, Green Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns at Milwaukee (W, 55-7)
Nov. 12, 1967 – 87 yards (1Q); 85 yards (1Q)

Ron Brown, Los Angeles Rams vs. Green Bay Packers (W, 34-17)
Nov. 24, 1985 – 98 yards (1Q) and 86 yards (2Q)

Tyrone Hughes, New Orleans vs. Los Angeles Rams (W, 37-34)
Oct. 23, 1994 – 92 yards (2Q); 98 yards (3Q)

Chad Morton, New York Jets at Buffalo Bills (W, 37-31)
Sept. 8, 2002 – 98 yards (2Q); 96 yards (OT)

Devin Hester, Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams (W, 42-27)
Dec. 11, 2006 – 94 yards (2Q); 96 yards (4Q)

André Davis, Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (W, 42-28)
Dec. 30, 2007 – 97 yards (2Q); 104 yards (3Q)

Ted Ginn, Miami Dolphins at New York Jets (W, 30-25)
Nov. 1, 2009 – 100 yards (3Q); 101 yards (3Q)

Josh Cribbs, Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs (W, 41-34)
Dec. 20, 2009 – 100 yards (1Q); 103 yards (2Q)

250-yard rushers

A list of running backs who’ve gained 250 or more rushing yards in a single game.

296 - Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings vs. San Diego Chargers, Nov. 4, 2007
295 – Jamal Lewis, Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns, Sept. 14, 2003
286 – Jerome Harrison, Cleveland Browns vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Dec. 20, 2009
278 – Corey Dillon, Cincinnati Bengals vs. Denver Broncos, Oct. 22, 2000
275 – Walter Payton, Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings, Nov. 20, 1977
273 – O.J. Simpson, Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions, Nov. 25, 1976
266 – Shaun Alexander, Seattle Seahawks vs. Oakland Raiders, Nov. 11, 2001
251 – Mike Anderson, Denver Broncos vs. New Orleans Saints, Dec. 3, 2000
250 – O.J. Simpson, Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots, Sept. 16, 1973


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