Deacon makes a point!

Deacon makes a point!

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Deacon Jones, who passed away on Monday night, is arguably the most devastating pass rusher in the history of the National Football League. He coined the term “sack” and unofficially amassed 173.5 of them during his 14-season career. The sack did not become an official statistic until 1982.

Deacon Jones practiced kicking during warm-ups prior to his final game of his NFL career.
So, while one won’t see Jones official stat line include his sack total, his career numbers do include scoring. Jones amassed five points during his NFL playing days. Four of the points came via a pair of safeties.

Jones’ first career safety came in the Rams 21-10 home win over the Green Bay Packers on Nov. 28, 1965 when he dumped quarterback Zeke Bratkowski in the end zone during the fourth quarter. His play increased the Rams lead to 18-3.

Two seasons later when the Rams hosted the Minnesota Vikings during a Friday night game on Sept. 22, 1967, Jones chased down Joe Kapp in the second quarter. The safety increased the Rams lead to 25-0 en route a 39-3 victory.

The final score of Jones career came in the last game in which he played when he coerced his coach George Allen to let him kick an extra point.

The PAT came as the final tally of the Washington Redskins 42-0 drubbing of the Chicago Bears on Dec. 15, 1974.

“All I was hoping was that the snap wouldn’t be high so I wouldn’t have to run it in,” Jones commented after the game.

Jones kick, the only one of his career, wasn’t the prettiest looking one. It hit the upright and then bounced through.

“A little three-cushion shot. I like to bank it in there. Make it a little more exciting,” he described.

Inside the Ralph Wilson, Jr. Pro Football Research & Preservation Center, home to the world’s largest collection of documents related to pro football.  Redskins 42, Bears 0:  Program cover

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