Dreaming of Canton

Dreaming of Canton

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame turns 50 on Saturday.

Nearly 10 million fans have visited the museum since the doors first opened on Sept. 7, 1963. One such fan was Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller.

According to the story written by Tim Graham in the Buffalo News, a visit to the Hall of Fame by Spiller during his high school days served as motivation to achieve greatness.

Graham described the experience in his profile of the 4th-year running back:

One of Spiller's seminal football moments was visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame with his high school coach's family. Spiller told me he was inspired by the displays and bronze busts. It was then, he said, that he decided he wanted to be not only a great football player, but also legendary.

"It was almost a church atmosphere the way he walked around and our kids walked around and I walked around," former Union County High coach Buddy Nobles said.

The impact of Spiller’s time in Canton was further described in the story as Graham wrote how Spiller approaches the game today with an image of seeing his bust in Canton one day.

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