Fan savors Dolphins exhibit

Fan savors Dolphins exhibit

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Arthur Mickelson served as an assistant public relations director for the Miami Dolphins in the early 1970s. Among the highlights of his time with the club was the incredible run the team had during the early part of the decade that included its memorable 1972 undefeated season. (RELATED STORYDolphins perfect season)

Shortly after that, Mickelson contacted the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s then Vice President of Public Relations Don Smith to attempt to convince him that a display was needed to recognize the ’72 Dolphins squad. Smith didn’t need much persuading as the historical season was soon chronicled in an exhibit inside the museum. The display was modernized during a massive expansion in the mid-1990s.

Mickelson, who today lives in southeast Florida and sells promotional products, had never seen the display. That is until this past Saturday when he was accompanied by his two sons on a trip to Canton to see the Hall of Fame. The trip also included the father and sons attending the Ohio State game as well as the Steelers-Bengals in Pittsburgh yesterday.

“I remember virtually every single play from the ’72 season,” he shared.


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