First, Canton; then New York!

First, Canton; then New York!

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Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath spent his 70th birthday at the Hall of Fame filming a commercial. The Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl III also took time out during the day to place the new Vince Lombardi Trophy on exhibit at the Hall of Fame.

Tens of the thousands of fans will get the opportunity to see the Vince Lombardi Trophy that will be awarded to next February’s Super Bowl XLVIII champions. The silver trophy that will be handed off to the NFL’s champions in New York arrived at the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Friday morning.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy will remain on exhibit as the centerpiece of the Hall’s Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery through the 2013 playoffs before being shipped to New York for the Super Bowl.

ProFootballHOF on YouTube: Namath places SB XLVIII trophy on display in Canton

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