Four HOFers featured in Grammys “halftime”

Four HOFers featured in Grammys “halftime”

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Four members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame will be featured during a two-minute, 30-second “halftime” of the Grammys on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014. 

The Pepsi Grammy “halftime” will feature quarterback Terry Bradshaw (Class of 1989), tight ends Mike Ditka (Class of 1988) and Shannon Sharpe (Class of 2011) and cornerback/punt returner/kick returner Deion Sanders (Class of 2011).

A teaser of what to expect was shared during the broadcast of the NFC Championship Game last Sunday.


Halftime history

While halftime may be something new for the music industry’s big stage, it’s been long entrenched in the National Football League. In fact, halftime has been a part of the game since pro football was “born” in 1892. There used to be a bit more time for the intermission as NFL halftimes were 15 minutes long until it was reduced in 1990 to its current standard of 12 minutes between halves for regular NFL games.

Hall of Fame owner George Preston Marshall received much attention for his promotional style that he brought to the NFL. Marshall received much credit for his enhancement of the entertainment aspect of halftime. It began in 1933 when he first introduced the official team band of the Boston (now Washington) Redskins to perform extravagant halftime shows.
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