Fred Dean - Notes & Quotes

Fred Dean - Notes & Quotes

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Once held the NFL record for sacks in a game (6).

Played on two Super Bowl championship teams with the 49ers (XVI and XIX).

Selected as a linebacker with the 33rd pick in the 1975 NFL Draft.

Won the NFL Players Association’s Defensive Lineman of the Year in both conferences (1980 AFC with the Chargers and 1981 in the NFC with the 49ers).

49ers fans nicknamed the team’s defensive unit, “Dean-fense”

The sack did not become an official NFL statistic until 1982. All accounts put Dean’s career sack total near 100 if included his pre-1982 numbers.



 “He’s the best pass rusher I’ve ever seen.  He’s like a thoroughbred who races only on Sunday.  When things are right, he’s awesome.  You just put him in there and watch him do his stuff.” - Bill McPherson, 49ers defensive line coach

 “It’s a pretty simple deal. First I get the guy in front of me out of my way.  Then I go after the quarterback.” - Fred Dean

 “Fred is a big-play man.  We rely on Fred to cause any number of things.  One, he can sack the quarterback.  Two, he can hit the quarterback and force a fumble.  Three, he can force the quarterback into a bad throw resulting in an interception or at least an incompletion.” – Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh

 “Every now and then, I get an urge to lift weights… and I just go somewhere and lie down until I get over it.”  - Fred Dean

 “Still he’s the strongest guy I’ve ever faced.” – Anthony Muñoz, Hall of Fame tackle

 “When Fred Dean is in on a play, I admit it is nothing but an all-out assault on the quarterback.” – Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh

 “Yeah this was one of my better days.” – Fred Dean after recording a then-NFL record six sacks in one game

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