Gridiron to Capitol Hill

Gridiron to Capitol Hill

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The values learned from the Game often transfer well to the political arena. Many NFL legends, including Hall of Famer Steve Largent, have embarked on political careers after their playing days. According to a recent article in The Sports Business Journal, there is a potential that for the first time in more than a half century, that a professional athlete may not be among those serving in either chamber of the United States Congress.

Former NFLer Jon Runyan (T, 1996-2009 Oilers/Titans, Eagles, Chargers), a Republication congressman from New Jersey, leaves office at the end of the year. Depending of the outcome of this year’s elections, that could mark the first time since 1961 that Capitol Hill has not had a former pro athlete among its roster. Two former NFL legends, Clint Didier (TE, 1982-89 Redskins, Packers) and Garry Cobb (LB, 1979-1989 Lions, Eagles, Cowboys), are running for office and should they win, the long history of pro athletes serving in the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate will continue without interruption.

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