Hall home to Super Bowl Trophy (for now)

Hall home to Super Bowl Trophy (for now)

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More than 20 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, led by Green Bay Packers fullback Jim Taylor, were on hand Monday night to place the Vince Lombardi Trophy for Super Bowl XLIV on exhibit in the Hall’s new Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery.

Although the Hall of Fame has for many years displayed an exact replica of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, this marks the first time that the actual trophy has been a part of a permanent museum display. The trophy will remain on exhibit for viewing by the public throughout the 2009 NFL regular season and playoffs. It will then be removed and transported to South Florida to be awarded to this season’s Super Bowl champions.

Taylor was selected to serve the honor of placing the trophy on exhibit since he was the only member from the Packers’ Super Bowl I championship team present during the private event. He was escorted by security who delivered the sterling silver trophy created by Tiffany & Company by armored vehicle early Monday evening. 

Prior to last night, the Vince Lombardi Trophy, created new each season, had traditionally been kept under wraps until shortly before the annual Super Bowl festivities in the game’s host city.

“We are extremely pleased that the National Football League has decided to exhibit the actual Vince Lombardi Trophy in the Hall of Fame’s new Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery,” stated Pro Football Hall of Fame President/Executive Director Steve Perry.  “No doubt every football fan visiting the museum will look upon the dramatically displayed icon of success and optimistically speculate that it may soon be the property of their favorite team.”

The Vince Lombardi Trophy is a regulation-size silver football mounted in a kicking position on a pyramid-like stand of three concave sides. The trophy stands 21 inches tall, weighs 7 pounds, and is valued in excess of $25,000. The words Vince Lombardi Trophy and Super Bowl XLIV are engraved on the base along with the NFL shield.
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