Hall of Fame All Pro Dad Father & Kids Experience Testimonials

Hall of Fame All Pro Dad Father & Kids Experience Testimonials

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The best of the day for me was writing the letters to each other. I do not always see the affection from my kids. My kids and I had a great day and grew much closer together. Thank you. - Kurt

My favorite moment was hearing my two sons chanting, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" as I prepared to kick a field goal. It reminded me of how much fun my boys and I have together and how much they look up to me as a father. Being a father is an awesome responsibility. We had a blast and so did all the men and their children attending this event. - Scott

My favorite moment was just getting to share the time with my boys. I have MS, so there is no telling what the future holds. Everything was a good experience. - Thomas

Both my wife and I have spent a combined 5 years in Iraq¸ and the worst part of it wasn't the combat ...it was being away from our kids. Events like this are far better than the best amusement parks or the greatest toys. Thankfully, my wife and I returned home from Iraq untouched for the most part. I broke my neck and am not allowed to play soldier anymore, but I recovered fully and am able to enjoy an active life with my kids. My job consumes a great deal of my time, but being able to tuck my kids into bed every night is a blessing. I was born and raised in Ohio and am a huge football fan, but this event was the first time to the Hall of Fame for my entire family. It was a far better experience than any of us could have imagined. Thanks to the entire Family First organization and everyone involved. - Chris

My favorite part of the event was the hugs and letting the kids hang with the dads. I always love the hugs and I don't always get to spend time with them when I want to. I can't wait till next year and neither can my boys. - Shawn

I really had a great time at the event. I have already recommended it to all my friends for next year. - Steve

The most memorable moment of the event was listening to Anthony Munoz. It encouraged men to love their wives. - Jim

The whole day was a lot of fun. I have two boys and the each had a great time. We had a lot of fun playing with the footballs throughout the day. This was a very enjoyable event. - Scott

I really enjoyed teaming up with my kids against the players from Canton McKinley. I also liked attempting a field even though I missed. My kids enjoyed these parts as well. - Bruce

The most memorable part of the event for me was being able to be on the field. The kids really had a lot of fun. - Dan

I just enjoyed being with my girls. I really don't get to spend enough time with them. We had a great day. - Jeff

I truly enjoyed spending time with my kids. I really had a good time at the event and I know my kids enjoyed themselves as well. - Joe

My favorite moment of the event was when Anthony Munoz actually take the time to sign autographs for my kids. They were so excited to meet a Hall of Famer. One of my kids on the way home actually said "This was the best day of my life". I was so proud to have been there for it too. To know he's always going to remember that we spent the day playing and learning together. It brings great joy to my heart. - David

I had a great time at the different stations interacting with my kids. They were so excited to do the things with me. - Marvin

The best part of my day was just having fun with my son. I really enjoyed hearing Anthony Munoz talk. Thank you! - Andy

I had a wonderful time touring the Hall of Fame with my son while sharing the history of the sport that we both love. - Percy

The whole experience was wonderful. It was a lot of fun. - Michelle

The most memorable moment of the event was going on the football field with my daughter. Neither had ever been there before. Being able to go into the Hall of Fame was awesome. - Todd

My favorite moment was playing with the kids at the tackle station. The kids loved knocking my down. - Phil

The moment I remember the most was playing on the field with my son. He enjoyed it very much. - Henry

I really enjoyed being with my kids. They were very excited about the event. - Jeff

My favorite moment was reading what my 10 year-old son wrote to me about why he loves me so much. This was an all around great day. - Rocke

My favorite moment was hearing and meeting Anthony Muñoz. He was very motivational. My son loved hitting the pads and running on the field. The Army Strong dog tags were great too with the date and event stamp on them. My son and I both wear ours all the time to remember the fun we had. - David

My favorite moment was watching my oldest try to kick a field goal to win a gift certificate. He was very excited. - Bill

The moment that made a lasting impression for me was giving my letter to my son. It made him smile. -Lonnie

Just getting to spend time with the kids, learn a little bit about football and faith at the same time was my favorite moments. Also spending lunch together and going to the Hall of Fame afterwards. - Brett

I loved watching my one year old daughter run to the endzone with a football and do a touchdown dance. It just gave me a great feeling to see her play and have fun. I loved the experience and made me realize some areas that I need to improve upon as a father. -DaQuane

My favorite moment was hugging my kids for 15 seconds straight. Sometimes we forget how much we take that for granted. - Eddie

The moment that I will cherish the most was the letters written by children and dads to each other. This is something I will keep to show them when they grow up. - Steven

I really enjoyed hearing Anthony Munoz speak on fatherhood and what it meant to him now and then. I too have the same experience. I thought it was a fantastic set-up, staff and purpose. - Al

Just spending time with my daughter had to be my favorite moment of the event. I love her very much and wish I could be around her more. - Tim

My two children loved the fact that they each received a note from me at one of the stations. It gave me a chance to tell them I love them and why they are such great kids. My daughter wrote a song about the note and my son hung his up in his room. I really enjoyed being able to go through the Hall of Fame and experience with my kids. - John

My favorite moment was letting my boys observe me kick a field goal. This was a very good event and it should be secured for next year. - James


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