Hall of Fame Hosts International QB

Hall of Fame Hosts International QB

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Helius, a former quarterback and current head delegate of China for the International Federation of American Football (IFAF), recently visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was in Canton representing his country for the IFAF Senior Men’s World Championship, which was played at nearby Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, and wanted to learn more about the history of the game. A production crew was with him to film his visit for a documentary about his football career.

Even though football is not a popular sport in China, it has always been a big part of his life. Helius discovered the game of football at a young age by watching a movie. There were not many coaches around to teach him about the game so he learned to play by watching clips on the internet and studying NFL players such as New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who happens to be one of his favorite players.

Helius made history by making the roster on the first Chinese College American Football team coached by NFL legends Ricky Williams and Byron Chamberlain. He played quarterback for the team and competed in the World University Games where he was named MVP in his final game.

The former China football star now coaches football and has made it his life mission to help promote the popularity of the game. He wants to help players succeed in all aspects of life by using the game of football as a way to teach life lessons and values associated with the sport.

“I think football is a great sport. It can teach boys how to be a man and to never give up,” explained Helius.

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