Hall of Fame to Get a New Look

Hall of Fame to Get a New Look

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Enshrinement Halls to be Redesigned

The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Enshrinement Halls, where each Hall of Fame member is honored with his bronzed likeness, are getting a complete facelift. The Hall’s Board of Trustees has approved a $1.677 million redesign of the major exhibition area. Scheduled to be completed




by June 2003, the renovated section will present a dynamic new look; provide a state of the art interactive experience, while creating space for future growth.

The Hall’s strategy is to condense the existing twin corridor-like enshrinement halls into one large awe-inspiring gallery. “The new-look Enshrinement Gallery will create a space of wonderment and reverence,” commented Hall of Fame Executive Director John Bankert. “At the same time, the interactive elements will greatly enhance the overall visitor experience.”

Model of the new gallery

The use of bronze portrait busts, often cited as something that separates the Pro Football Hall of Fame from other sports museums, will continue. The enshrinees’ bronze likenesses will be grouped together by class and presented chronologically, conveying a sense of time and history.

Strategically located in the center of the new gallery will be several interactive kiosks that will bring each Hall of Fame member to life. The kiosks will make available a vast and varied database of information on each Hall of Fame member. Included will be film footage, photos, mural art, and biographical information. Designed with state-of-the-art touch-screen technology, the multi-media production will be presented on high-definition flat plasma screens for an optimum visitor experience.

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