History from last Sunday

History from last Sunday

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Artifacts commemorating history made during the NFL’s Week 2 by the Bills C.J. Spiller and the Saints Drew Brees arrived just two days after the game and were placed on exhibit inside the Hall of Fame’s Pro Football Today Gallery.

Buffalo Bills RB C.J. Spiller became the first NFL player since 1973 to have a KOR return of more than 100 yards and a 45-yard carry in the same game. He accomplished the feat during his team’s 29-10 win over the Miami Dolphins.

Hall of Fame President David Baker showed off the jersey for the first time and explained he’ll be at “The Ralph” in Orchard Park, N.Y for Week 3!

Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints moved up the passing yardage chart and moved into No. 4 all-time surpassing the career total of Gold Jacket John Elway. This is the ball he threw on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns to surpass Elway.

The Fritz family of Lancaster, Ohio were touring the Hall of Fame on Wednesday morning. Jim Fritz hadn’t been to the Hall since he was 8 and picked today to bring his wife Freda and his 14-year-old son Skyler for their first visit to the Hall of Fame.

The family was chosen to assist Hall of Fame Registrar Christy Davis with placing the artifacts on exhibit. As it turns out Freda was excited to put the newly acquired ball from Brees on display, despite the fact she’s a huge Broncos and John Elway fan! Skyler, a fan of the Browns and Cowboys, was equally thrilled and surprised that he was asked to assist with placing the Spiller jersey in the exhibit.


Meanwhile, in Buffalo, Spiller offered his thoughts on his jersey being sent to Canton and hopes to return one day but in a different manner!

The mementos are among the many milestone moments preserved in the Hall of Fame each season.


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