HoF Record Breakers - Corey Dillon

HoF Record Breakers - Corey Dillon

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Dillon Rushes for 278!

Corey Dillon vs. Denver Broncos, 10/22/00 (Photo: Associated Press)
Corey Dillon
Cincinnati Bengals’ running back Corey Dillon rushed for 278 yards on just 22 carries against the Denver Broncos on October 22, 2000. In doing so, Dillon eclipsed Hall of Fame running back Walter Payton’s 23-year single-game rushing record of 275 yards. Just a couple of days after his record-setting game, Corey donated his entire uniform from the game to the Hall of Fame. It is now prominently display in the Hall’s Pro Football Today Room.

It was the second time Dillon has broken a record held by a Hall of Fame running back. In 1997, he broke Jim Brown’s rookie single-game rushing record.

Dillon's Record-Breaking Jersey
Dillon's record-breaking uniform

Payton vs. Dillon
Walter Payton Corey Dillon
Date (Nov. 20, 1977) (Oct. 22, 2000)
Opponent Minnesota Vikings Denver Broncos
1st Quarter 13-77 4-58
2nd Quarter 13-67,1 TD 5–19
3rd Quarter 8-48 7-93
4th Quarter 6-83 6-108, 2 TDs
Totals 40-275, 1 TD 22-278, 2 TDs

Notes: Walter Payton played his game while suffering from the flu. Ten of Dillon's carries resulted in a one-yard gain, no yards, or a loss of yards for a combined -2 yards rushing. Therefore, his other 12 carries netted him 280 yards.

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