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Every NFL fan will want to visit our site during the 2000 season to watch today's stars climb the charts of the all-time statistical leaders. 

Lou "The Toe" Groza

In 1999, nearly 30 active players ranked among the Top 20 leaders in career passing, receiving, rushing, and scoring. Updated weekly throughout the season, the Hall of Fame's Top 20 will be a definite favorite stop for you!

The Pro Football Hall of Fame's Top Twenty lists differ slightly from other similar lists because the statistics from the All-America Football Conference (1946-1949) are included. Today, there are only three players who are ranked in the Top 20 of four main categories who played part of their careers in the AAFC. 

Otto Graham of the Cleveland Browns ranks fourth overall in passing. Without his AAFC numbers, Graham would not rank in the Top Twenty. 

Emmitt Smith is third on the all-time rushing list

Among the Top 20 rushers, only Hall of Famer Joe "The Jet" Perry played in the AAFC. Without his 1,234 rushing yards in the AAFC, Perry would rank 17th instead of his current 13th-place standing. 

Lou "The Toe" Groza is the only player from the AAFC who still ranks among the Top 20 scorers. Including his four season in that league, Groza ranks seventh all-time with 1,608 points. Without his 259 points from the AAFC, Groza would be in 15th place.

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