New mementos added to Hall's exhibits

New mementos added to Hall's exhibits

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Throughout the year, new mementos are added to exhibits in the Hall of Fame. Each summer, a general review and update of displays are completed. As such, visitors to the Hall of Fame can enjoy the newest artifacts brought out of the archives for their viewing.

"In many instances, the pieces going on exhibit are new to us as a result of a recent donation," commented Joe Horrigan, the Hall's vice-president of communications/exhibits. "However, we also are able to bring out items that we've had in our collection for some time."

John Elway's 1986 uniform

One such case is the complete uniform worn by Class of 2004 enshrinee John Elway in 1996, the last season before the Denver Broncos introduced a new uniform design. His uniform was sent to the Hall of Fame immediately following the 1996 season. It wasn't until his election to the Hall of Fame that the uniform could be utilitzed in an exhibit. That is when a new display devoted to the Broncos was built in the Enshrinees Mementos Room which now features Elway prominently. The quarterback is the first long-time member of the Broncos to be elected to the Hall of Fame.

Another Elway jersey has been on display since 1995, when the Hall of Fame underwent a major expansion. His jersey he wore in 1986 is on exhibit helping to tell the story of "The Drive" - Elway's remarkable 98-yard drive in the 1986 AFC Championship that sent the game into overtime. The Broncos won the game in Cleveland to advance to the Super Bowl.


Groman's shoes help tell the story of the AFL.

Something new to the Hall of Fame that quickly found a place in an exhibit on the American Football League were the bronzed shoes worn by Bill Groman in 1960. That year, he racked up a rookie record 1,473 yards on 72 receptions. Groman's mark has withstood the test of time, including a serious challenge by Arizona Cardinals rookie Anquan Boldin who accumulated 1,377 yards in 2003.

Groman visited the Hall of Fame this past February when he donated the shoes and a piece of cartoon art from that era.

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