Packers Rack Up Points and Wins

Packers Rack Up Points and Wins

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The Green Bay Packers defeated the Oakland Raiders 46-16 this past weekend to continue their trek towards an undefeated regular season. With their Week 14 win the Packers are just the second team in NFL history to follow up a Super Bowl championship with a 13-0 regular season record (Denver Broncos, 1998). The Packers have now won 19 consecutive games, including the playoffs, which is the second-longest winning streak in NFL history and are just two wins behind the 2003-04 New England Patriots (21 games).

The victory over the Raiders at Lambeau Field also clinched a first-round postseason bye for the Packers and their 46 points scored gave them a franchise record 466 points for the season. That total surpassed the team record set in 2009 when the Packers tallied 461 points.

Is a franchise scoring record a litmus test for postseason success? Check out the chart below to see each franchise's scoring record and how they fared in the playoffs.

Team Year Points Postseason result
Arizona Cardinals 2008 427 Lost in Super Bowl XLIII
Atlanta Falcons 1998 442 Lost in Super Bowl XXXIII
Baltimore Ravens 2003, 2009 391 Lost in AFC Wild Card/ Lost in AFC Divisional Playoff
Buffalo Bills 1991 458 Lost in Super Bowl XXVI
Carolina Panthers 1999 421 No playoff appearance
Chicago Bears 1985 456 Won Super Bowl XX
Cincinnati Bengals 1988 448 Lost in Super Bowl XXIII
Cleveland Browns 1964 415 Won the NFL Championship
Dallas Cowboys 1983 479 Lost in NFC Wild Card
Denver Broncos 1998 501 Won Super Bowl XXXIII
Detroit Lions 1995 436 Lost in NFC Wild Card
Green Bay Packers 2011 466 ?
Houston Texans 2010 390 No playoff appearance
Indianapolis Colts 2004 522 Lost in AFC Divisional Playoff
Jacksonville Jaguars 2007 411 Lost in AFC Divisional Playoff
Kansas City Chiefs 2003 484 Lost in AFC Divisional Playoff
Miami Dolphins 1984 513 Lost in Super Bowl XIX
Minnesota Vikings 1998 556 Lost in NFC Championship
New England Patriots 2007 589 Lost in Super Bowl XLII
New Orleans Saints 2009 510 Won Super Bowl XLIV
New York Giants 1963 448 Lost in the NFL Championship
New York Jets 1968 419 Won Super Bowl III
Oakland Raiders 2000 479 Lost in AFC Championship
Philadelphia Eagles 2010 439 Lost in NFC Wild Card
Pittsburgh Steelers 1979 416 Won Super Bowl XIV
St. Louis Rams 2000 540 Lost in NFC Wild Card
San Diego Chargers 2006 492 Lost in AFC Divisional Playoff
San Francisco 49ers 1994 505 Won Super Bowl XXIX
Seattle Seahawks 2005 452 Lost in Super Bowl XL
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2000 388 Lost in NFC Wild Card
Tennessee Titans 1961 513 Won the AFL Championship
Washington Redskins 1983 541 Lost in Super Bowl XVIII
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