Pro Football and the American Spirit

Pro Football and the American Spirit

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Pro Football and the American Spirit: the NFL and the U.S. Armed Forces chronicles the many ways in which the National Football League and its players have responded to America's call during military conflicts. 

This inspirational exhibit recalls the stories of triumphs tragedy, and personal sacrifice made by the more than 1,200 players, coaches and administrators who interupted or delayed ther pro football careers to serve their country during times of military conflict.

Football and the American Spirit also tells the story of how the NFL generated millions of dollars in War Bond sales during World War II, was the first sports organization to send groups of players to Vietnam as part of the NFL/USO "goodwill tours," and how it has used its game and resources to raise America's collective level of patriotism during and after such national crises as the Iranian hostage situation, the Gulf War, and following the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania.

Some of the items which highlight this exhibit include Pro Football Hall of Famer Art Donovans Army uniform; the career medals of General Earnest Cheatham, pro football highest ranking former player; the Cleveland Browns sideline jacket of Don Steinbrunner, one of only two NFL players to perish during the Veitnam War; and Pat Tillman's Army Ranger uniform.

This popular exhibit will begin its national tour this August. We are currently seeking host venues for 2012. 
Size: Approximately 2500 sq. ft.
Cost: $10,000 per month with $5,000 option for third month + inbound freight + setup and teardown
Includes: More than 40 artifacts, interpretive signage,
large-scale graphics, NFL Films video and 3 flat- screen displays
Crates: TBD
Schedule: Available as of January 2012
Contact: Paul Sweeny, Collections Specialist
Jason Aikens, Collections Curator
Phone: 330-456-8207



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