Profootballhof.com’s season schedule

Profootballhof.com’s season schedule

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Profootballhof.com, the official website of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, will roll out a regular daily programming schedule throughout the 2011 NFL season.

The Hall of Fame’s website contains a vast amount of history related to the NFL. This content is pulled from the Hall’s archives, home to the world’s largest collection on professional football.

Each week during the 2011 NFL Season, the site will offer daily features to provide fans with a unique perspective to the game. Here are some of the highlights of what fans can enjoy on a regular basis through the upcoming NFL season.

Each MONDAY, you can drop by Profootballhof.com to see a historical perspective on a milestone moment from the games on Sunday.

On TUESDAY, our WEEKLY TOP 20 charts the career leaders in four main statistical categories (passing, receiving, rushing, and scoring). Followers of the Hall of Fame on TWITTER can check in at 3 p.m. ET each Tuesday to see answers to history questions that have been tagged with the hashtag #AskPFHOF.

On WEDNESDAYS, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame will be profiled in our series “BEHIND THE BRONZE.” Check out our Q&A with Giants legend Frank Gifford this Wednesday. We’ll also bring a hidden treasure out from our collection and share it in our new video series on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL titled “WHITE GLOVES VIDEO.”

On THURSDAYS, we feature our THROWBACK GAME OF THE WEEK as we provide a historical perspective to one of the weekend’s upcoming games. Kickoff Weekend looks back at the Redskin vs. Giants rivalry over the years. If you like us on FACEBOOK, then you’ll find out how you can win a prize each week. One lucky winner on Kickoff Weekend is going to be the PROUD NEW OWNER OF A CHRIS HANBURGER AUTOGRAPHED FOOTBALL.

On FRIDAY we’ll take a couple of minutes of your time with our “TWO MINUTES OF PRO FOOTBALL HISTORY” video. Be sure to check out a new edition each week as we share an interesting story from pro football’s past.

Our weekend line-up will start on SATURDAY with a feature called “CHANGING THE RULES” as we take a peek inside the NFL’s Rule Book over the years.

Kick off your SUNDAY football routine by reading our “REMEMBER WHEN” series as we segue from football’s past to the current day moments and milestones.

Enjoy the season and we look forward to you stopping by Profootballhof.com.

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