Red socks in Canton

Red socks in Canton

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There are Red Sox and then there are red socks. The Red Sox, of course, is the Major League Baseball team from Boston. A pair of red socks is the newest addition to the Pro Football Hall of Fame's collection.

Yesterday, the Hall of Fame received a package from Class of 2011 enshrinee Ed Sabol. In the envelope was a pair of his "trademarked" red socks. Sabol, the man who founded NFL Films and forever changed the television landscape in sports, is known for wearing red socks with most, if not all, of his outfits.

The socks will be placed on display with other mementos from the newly-elected class. The special exhibit is located inside the Hall of Fame's Moments, Memories & Mementos Gallery. The exhibit space is filled with memorabilia from the careers of Hall of Famers.

YouTube Exclusive: Hall of Fame's curator opens his mail!

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