Tandberg helps Hall of Fame reach out to students

Tandberg helps Hall of Fame reach out to students

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame's Educational Outreach Program launched in 1984. Since that time more than 160,000 students have visited the museum through field trips. Today, the program is thriving as it continues to not only offer free field trips to kindergarten through eighth grade students but reaches out to schoolchildren across the country through its interactive videoconferencing technology.

The Hall of Fame began broadcasting via videoconferencing technology six years ago and has seen great growth in the past two years. Today, the Hall of Fame connects to schools using state-of-the-art technology provided by Tandberg.

Tandberg, a market share leader and the fastest growing company in the telepresence and videoconferencing industry, recently donated equipment to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The company replaced the Hall of Fame's equipment with a new HD videoconferencing system.

"The addition of the new equipment provided by Tandberg will further enhance the Hall's already award-winning broadcasts by allowing us to bring the history of the game to students across the country in high definition," stated Jerry Csaki, educational programs coordinator. "The new system has provided students with the finest broadcast quality that can be offered."

The Hall of Fame will utilize the Tandberg system to hold nearly 300 videoconferencing broadcasts in 2010. All videoconference programs are supplemented by pre- and post-conference classroom activities which are aligned with national standards of education. Those lessons are developed by the Hall of Fame's Educational Advisory Panel which consists of kindergarten through 12th grade classroom educators, most of whom are national board certified.

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