Throwback Game of the Week trivia answers

Throwback Game of the Week trivia answers

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Steelers Trivia Jaguars Trivia

1. Who is the Steelers all-time leader in yards from scrimmage?
a. Franco Harris
b. Jerome Bettis
c. John Stallworth
d. Louis Lipps

Answer: Harris amassed 14,234 yards from 1972-1983.

2. Who holds the Steelers record for most 300-yard games in a career?
a. Ben Roethlisberger
b. Tommy Maddox
c. Terry Bradshaw
d. Mark Malone

Answer: Maddox passed for 300 yards in a game six times.

3. Who kicked the longest punt in team history?
a. Joe Geri
b. Craig Colquitt
c. Josh Miller
d. Bob Cifers

Answer: Geri’s 82-yarder against the Packers on Nov. 20, 1949 remains the longest in team history.

4. Who recovered the most fumbles in Steelers history?
a. Dwight White
b. Joe Greene
c. Ernie Stautner
d. Jack Ham

Answer: Hall of Famer Stautner had 23 fumble recoveries from 1950-1963.

5. Which player owns the team record for interceptions in a season?
a. Rod Woodson
b. Mel Blount
c. Jack Butler
d. Dwayne Woodruff

Answer: Blount had 11 interceptions in 1975.

1. Which player has played the most games in a Jaguars uniform?
a. Fred Taylor
b. Tony Boselli
c. Mark Brunell
d. Jimmy Smith

Answer: Wide receiver Jimmy Smith played in 171 games from 1995 to 2005.

2. Which QB holds the Jaguars record for longest touchdown pass?
a. Mark Brunell
b. Byron Leftwich
c. Quinn Gray
d. David Garrard

Answer: Leftwich had an 84-yard TD pass to Troy Edwards against Houston on Sept. 28, 2003.

3. Who holds the team record for receptions in a game?
a. Jimmy Smith
b. Keenan McCardell
c. Fred Taylor
d. Pete Mitchell

Answer: McCardell had 16 catches against the St. Louis Rams on Oct. 20, 1996.

4. Who has the longest kickoff return in Jaguars history?
a. Maurice Jones-Drew
b. Reggie Barlow
c. Elvis Joseph
d. Randy Jordan

Answer: Jones-Drew’s 100-yard kickoff return against the Saints last season is a team record.

5. Who is Jacksonville’s all-time sack leader?
a. Kevin Hardy
b. Marcus Stroud
c. Joel Smeenge
d. Tony Brackens

Answer: Brackens recorded 55 sacks from 1996-2003.

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