Volunteer Spotlight: Doug Cocklin

Volunteer Spotlight: Doug Cocklin

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Doug Cocklin is a hometown boy at heart. He is a true Cleveland Browns fan who has bled brown and orange dating back before the times of the Dawg Pound and the Kardiac Kids. Doug's captivating stories and unique experiences make him a true football advocate beyond the sidelines.

Name: Doug Cocklin

Hometown: I was born in Akron, but I grew up in Greentown.

Favorite NFL team: The Cleveland Browns since I work at Browns Stadium and at the Browns training camp.

Favorite current player: Josh Cribbs. He started as a free agent and has set an outstanding record for most career kickoff return touchdowns. He's a local guy, having gone to Kent State, who makes us proud. He's just phenomenal.

Favorite enshrinee: That's got to be Ozzie Newsome for me. I have followed him since his Alabama days all the way through the Cleveland Browns. I was at the 1978 Browns game on Labor Day weekend and witnessed the first time Ozzie touched the ball and rushed for a 33-yard touchdown.

Why did you decide to volunteer at the Pro Football Hall of Fame? I was at the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Appreciation Party about two years ago and my friend was working the Hall of Fame table. We started talking and he ended up persuading me to volunteer. Plus, it gave me something to do during the week.

How long have you been volunteering? It will be two years in August.

What's your favorite artifact on display? Probably the Monday Night Football display because it has two of Ozzie Newsome's jerseys in it.

Your favorite memory of an NFL game: This one goes back—it was in September of 1963 when the Browns played the Redskins. I went to the game with my dad. Bobby Mitchell had just been traded from the Browns to the Redskins. Well, Mitchell ended up scoring and set the record for the longest touchdown pass from the line of scrimmage with a 99-yard pass. The Redskins then kicked off and put the Browns on their own 20-yard line. But then, on one of the following drives Jim Brown rushed for an 80-yard touchdown. It was such a great game and the Browns ended up walking away with the victory, too!

The most distant traveler you've greeted: It was a man from Oslo, Norway. He visited the Hall of Fame on a Monday on his way back from the Steelers game from the day before. He met his friend from California at the game. The funny thing is, on his plane ride from Norway to Pittsburgh, two people from Denmark sat in front of him and it turns out they were also on their way to see the Steelers play.

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Most unusual questions you've been asked by a guest/funniest moment: How many oranges can be squeezed off the top of the roof?

Most famous person you've met? Emmitt Smith. He came to visit a couple months ago to get a preview of what's to come in August. Anyways, we saw him entering the building from the upstairs windows and he waved to us. When we did see him in the building, he was in a hurry but was very cordial to everyone. He even took the time to take a picture with a young boy before he left the building. Just as he was getting on the elevator, I congratulated him and shook his hand.

Most memorable moment as a volunteer: It was during last year's autograph session; just listening to Dick Butkus sharing stories.

Favorite sports movie: The original Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds. I also like The Replacements.

Favorite football stadium: The old Municipal Stadium was just unbelievable. There were a lot of good memories and moments of history that happened there. I even had a sign I brought to games that read "Official Member of Handford's Hounds" during the beginning of what has become known as the Dawg Pound. Being a serious Browns fan, it was such a fantastic atmosphere.

Before the Pro Football Hall of Fame… I worked 37 years for the Hoover Company and spent some time in the Air Force.

Did you know? When I was 14-years-old, I went to the second Pro Football Hall of Fame Game between the Browns and the Steelers. After the game, I waited around and got autographs from about half of the Browns players; one of those players was Jim Brown.

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