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Washington Redskins Quotes

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Washington Redskins
August 3, 2008
Hall of Fame Game vs. Indianapolis Colts
8:00 PM

Redskins Quaterback Jason Campbell
On the first and second drive:
“I thought it was important for us to come out fast. That is one thing we talked about as a unit coming out and trying to move the ball quickly and having a rhythm and a tempo. I thought the offensive line came out and set the tempo early. On the second drive we made some plays but also we stepped back. That is just part of the game. A guy came free and got a sack on us, but we just have to move on to the next play. That is one thing we talk about is just move on to the next play. That is what we do. We moved on, got the first down. We had two positive plays after that.”

On the touchdown pass to Antwaan Randle El:
“Randle El ran a good route, but it was opened up by Santana (Moss) by him running a great post route and being in position. The offensive line did a great job of protection. I just had to step up into the pocket and give him an accurate throw.”

Redskins Wide Receiver Antwaan Randle El
On the touchdown play:
“It was a wonderful play. What I did was, I lined up with a tight split, got off the ball clean, got up the field about 12 yards, struck a move, got 22 yards deep and Jason hit me in the end zone. Great job by Santana taking the corner and safety out, great blocking up front and Jason threw a dart. It feels great just to be out here playing, preseason, getting everything kicked off. Here we are. We are enjoying it.”

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