White Gloves Video

White Gloves Video

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While some of our best memorabilia is on display for visitors, the fact is that our collection is so vast that the majority of it is housed in an area where we don’t allow the public. The world’s largest collection on professional football is cared for and preserved by our professional museum staff.

Our curator has agreed to let us share a piece with you as long as we give it the “white glove treatment.” Why the white gloves? One of the worst things for preserving our collection is the oils from our skin. So when we handle our artifacts (yes, that’s what we call our football memorabilia since we treat them all like centuries old pieces of art) we are sure to put on the white gloves to protect what we’re touching.

Each Wednesday on our YouTube channel, be sure to see our latest White Gloves Video.

Week 17 - Marvin Harrison's jersey

Week 16 - Sam Huff's helmet

Week 15: Arizona Cardinals' Historic Document

Week 14: Joe Schmidt's Helmet

Week 13: Steve Young's Super Bowl XXIX Jersey

Week 12: One Piece Uniform

Week 11: The "Intimidator" Helmet

Week 10: Sammy Baugh's Helmet

Week 9: Dan Fouts' Jersey

Week 8: Vince Lombardi's Play Sheets

Week 7: Johnny U's High Tops

Week 6: John Randle's Hand Strengthener

Week 5: Dickerson's Goggles

Week 4: The End Zone Pylon

Week 3: James Lofton's helmet

Week 2: 99-yard TD pass plays

Week 1: Howie Long's helmet


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