NFL Legend Tim Tebow Celebrating Excellence Everywhere

NFL Legend Tim Tebow Celebrating Excellence Everywhere

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Former Denver Broncos quarterback and 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow spearheaded a night to inspire and celebrate for a group of teenagers and adults with special needs to a night that will have an everlasting impact and memories for a lifetime.
The Tim Tebow Foundation sponsored a Night to Shine prom dances, this past Friday night. More than 300 churches across the country hosted the proms for people 14 and older with special needs.
The proms are to honor young adults with special needs the opportunity to experiences a night out on the town. Guests were pampered, got limo rides, had dinner, and were even officially crowned kings and queens before the big dance.
One of the location of the prom dances was in Centennial, Colo., and more than 150 people with special needs came to that party, and more than 400 volunteers showed up to help pull it off.

“I like to dance. A lot!” said Nik Abowitz, one of the party goers in an exclusive interview courtesy of the Denver Channel.com.

Abowitz went to a Night to Shine last year and didn’t want to miss an opportunity to take a date this year.

“It’s really cool and awesome to feel supported by my friends and loved ones,” said Abowitz.

Sue Hart coordinated this party after applying for and winning a grant from the Tim Tebow Foundation.
“This is a population that’s often times marginalized and just forgotten and here’s an opportunity for us to honor them and lift them up,” Hart said.

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