Bill Hewitt Enshrinement speech

Bill Hewitt Enshrinement Speech 1971

Presenter: Upton Bell

Thank you very much. You know everybody thinks about today, a lot of people don't want to remember the past well, I remember the past. I don't remember Bill Hewitt very much because I was a very young man at the at that time.  Fact, when he came to the Philadelphia Eagles, I was one year old, and at that time we lived in the same house with 33 football players and the only reason why we kept the starting offensive center is 'cause he could cook. In 1933, when Ber Bell bought the Philadelphia Eagles, Bill Hewitt was starting in the championship game for the Chicago Bears, he was a master. He wore no helmet, he played both ways. He was a master of the lateral pass, he did everything.

He went on for four years to amny success. Bell went on for four years to many defeats. He tried Rabbi’s On the bench, he tried priests on the bench, he even tried Art Rooney  come in when he was playing against him and sit on his own bench, nothing worked, so in 1937, (well having the worst team in Pro Football), made a trade with George Halas and got the fabled Bill Hewitt. Hewitt went on for two more seasons, Anne had two of his greatest seasons. Hewitt was an individual, she was different, he was dedicated, he had to be, because Bell paid him no money. He was a great man in his time and somebody who should not be forgotten, and I'm very, very honored today to present this to his daughter, who was not alive at the time Bill was killed, And I think that if Bill was alive today, and I've heard many, many times the phrase coined, it told me a game, Bill would say it's not only a game, it's a way of life. Thank you.

Mary Ellen Cocozza on behalf of Bill Hewitt

Thank you very much – It’s A great privilege an honor to be here in Canton accepting this award on my father's behalf. He is being recognized with such great men that have made football the American tradition it is today. My only regret is that my father cannot be here to reap the harvest of his efforts, but I know he is here in spirit – Thank you so much.