Bobby Layne Enshrinement speech

Bobby Layne Enshrinement Speech 1967

Presenter: Buddy Parker

During my ten year of thirty years in the National Football League, there's been quite a group of great quarterbacks. There's been sitting here, is Waterfield, there's Graham, and then there was Sammy Baugh, Luckman, there's been quite a few. But all this time that I've been in this league, I would like to present the greatest quarterback in all phases of quarterbacking - that is "play calling and throwing the ball, though years he came into the league with a bad arm, he pitched a double header for Uncle Billie Dish in Texas.” All of this, the greatest football player and quarterback, competitor, play selector, that I've ever been connected with. And it gives me great pleasure to present Bobby Layne.

Bobby Layne

Of course, this is the greatest moment of my life. I've dreamed of this long long time and it's here and, of course, I'm nervous. I even feel like I'm even with all the Red Dogs, and all the Safety Blitzes now. I could thank many many people, my family, I've had many coaches, ex-players, you fans, but the one person who made this possible is Buddy Parker the man who just introduced me and thank you very much.