Chuck Bednarik Enshrinement speech

Pro Football Hall of Fame
August 5, 1967

Earle “Greasy” Neale (presenter):

I had the preferred draft choice in 1948 and I took a lineman. He played 14 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and he only was out of two ball games. In 1960 with the championship Philadelphia Eagle ball club he played both ways, both offense and defense. I now present to you and it’s my honor to be able to present him to you, Chuck Bednarik.

Chuck Bednarik

Thank you very much Coach Neale, ladies and gentlemen.  When you’re a kid just coming up, I guess you look forward to being a high school football player. And, then you go to your next stepping stone. You want to become a college All-American and when you achieve that you want to go into the pro ranks. And then of course a pinnacle or highlight of your entire career comes when the particular day entering into the Hall of Fame comes. 

I want to thank coach Greasy Neale for having the guts and temerity for picking me as a lineman as his first pick in giving me the opportunity and being my first coach in professional football. I want to thank my parents for bringing me up to be a good strong, healthy boy. I want to thank my wife who put up with me for these fourteen years and raised my five daughters for me while I was out gallivanting on football fields.

And, certainly it is a pleasure for me to be inducted with these great men here today, many who were my idols as Ken Strong, and Joe Stydahar; many that I have played against time and time again since Bobby Layne and Emlen Tunnell, and in my opinion the greatest coach I ever played against Mr. Paul Brown. It is my pleasure as I was saying earlier if we were all 25 years old, we would have one hell of a football team with Coach Paul Brown. 

And in conclusion, I want to thank the Almighty God for having my parents migrate to this country from Czechoslovakia and having me raised up as a good American boy and I'm just happy that I'm an American. Thank you very much.