Clarence Parker Enshrinement speech

Pro Football Hall of Fame
July 29, 1972


Thank you, Jack (presenter Jack White, General Manager of the San Francisco 49ers. Parker was a scout for the 49ers at the time).  I really didn’t know I was that good.  If I had I probably should have asked for more money!

But, I want to say I’m glad to be here and the hospitality and courtesy the people of Canton have shown is above and reproach of words.  First of all before I go any further into this, I would like to thank the people that were involved for me being selected into the Professional Football Hall of Fame.  The names would be too numerous for me to go through them and you wouldn’t be interested anyway so I’ll just thank them as a whole. 

And, I’ll say this that this is the greatest thrill of all my life.  I’ve had a number of thrills as you have heard Jack mention.  A number of great things have happened to me throughout the years, but when I was selected and when I was called on the phone to say that I had been selected as a member of the Pro Hall of Fame, it was like the first time I went to bat in the major leagues and hit a home run.  When I rounded second base my knees gave way and I realized what had happened.  Well, this is what happened over the phone when I received the call.  My knees kind of buckled just a little.  But, it is indeed a thrill and I’ll say that I’m honored to be placed among the greats in the Pro Fall of Fame. 

In my years as I come along, there was no thought in my mind of ever being put in the Hall of Fame of Professional Football.  In the first place, I always thought I was too small.  I weighed 168 pounds and was 5-10 tall.  So, I couldn’t compare with the others so I just thought I would be passed over, but since I was selected I want to say that I’m sure glad it happened while I’m still here. 

And, now I would like to say to the people of Canton, how courteous you have been. The hospitality you have extended us to me and my friends who have come up from Virginia and how I hope over the next few years as long as I can possibly make it, I will return each year for this is the greatest affair the best organized, the best put forth, the greatest effort had to be with you people of Canton and the people that are connected with this organization – the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And, you have done a wonderful job and I want to say again, I want to thank you for the courtesy and want to thank all the people involved of putting me into the Hall of Fame and I hope to see you again.