Dan Fortmann Enshrinement speech

Dan Fortmann Enshrinement Speech 1965

Presenter: Andy Kerr

Ladies and gentlemen. I feel it a real pleasure to present today and welcome into the National Football Hall of Fame, a Colgate boy, Danny Fortmann. Danny is Colgate's outstanding lineman of all-time. Danny came to Colgate at the age of sixteen. He played his three years of varsity football and finished at nineteen. I told him today I thought he ought to best be starting. He played in the East-West game, and at the end of the game Dick Himmey and I who were co-coaches said they thought he was the greatest guard that ever played in the game. Afterwards he went on to the Bears where for eight years, he was an all-league guard. It I s a great privilege for me to present a great football player, a real scholar because he was a Phi Beta Kappa in college, which is the highest academic rating you can get, a great citizen, and a great surgeon. Congratulations Danny.

Danny Fortmann

I want to thank you very much Andy. Andy said I started as one of the youngest men that he was associated with in football and I can say that I've aged a bit since then. I certainly appreciate everything Andy has done for me in the past, and I appreciate him being my presenter. This is the outstanding honor that anyone could get in the game of pro football. I want to thank my dear friend and pro coach George Halas, and everyone connected with the National Football Hall of Fame. Thank you very much.