Earl Clark Enshrinement speech

Earl “Dutch” Clark Enshrinement Speech 1963

Presenter: Senator Hart

Bob Considine, those we honor and those who are here to pay honor. Mine is the happy privilege of speaking a word for a man we in Michigan are proud to claim, it’s Dutch Clark. Dutch Clark brought new dread to the term triple, and old black magic to ball handling. His all around brilliance at tiny Colorado College tucked away in the Rockies put him on the All-American but there is considerable doubt among the men in the big colleges as to the wisdom of that selection so Dutch Clark came down from the mountains to mingle with the pros and very quickly scaled new peaks or leadership and versatility. In the open field his balance was unbelievable, his changes of pace and direction exciting. Last really of the drop kickers. He continued to score even while the ball was being shaped to an impossible point, Tut Shore notwithstanding.

As a field marshall he could get troops to do things things that even the troops were surprised when they discovered. He quarterbacked world championship teams at both Portsmouth and Detroit and went on to a great coaching record, but most of all we in Michigan hail him as an extremely fine example of a good citizen.  

Earl “Dutch Clark

Thank you, Senator Hart, ladies and gentlemen, and honored guests. This is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me and to be able to be a part of these ceremonies here today in Canton and things that I’ll cherish the rest of my life, and for those ,who are responsible, for coaches, and players, and sport writers, I shall be forever grateful. Thank you.