Isaac Bruce Enshrinement Speech


ISAAC BRUCE:  Moved my iPad.  Thank you so much.  Praise the Lord, everybody.  Praise the Lord, everybody! 


All right, all right.  All right.  So they moved my iPad from up here, but it's all good.  We are going to roll with it.  It's coming from the heart tonight.  I thank God, Father God, for this moment, this situation, the circumstances here tonight, and I thank his son, Jesus Christ, who loved me and who gave himself for me. 

(Cheers and applause.)

I'm honored to be here tonight.  Thank my big brother for presenting me, Tony Wyllie, and great friends, my brother, my mentor, from the beginning.  Watched him play in Holiday Park, South Florida. 

I'd like to thank my lovely wife, Clegzette.  Love you.  Thank you for all your help, pushing me, for being there for me. 


I'd like to thank my three beautiful children, represented here tonight, Isabella Billionaire, so beautiful.  Charis the Heiress, so beautiful.  Yes.  I'm grateful. 

I'd like to thank my dad, Jesse Bruce, of Albany, Georgia. 


Yes.  And I'm so grateful that he moved to South Florida.  So grateful he moved to Florida.  I'd like to thank my mother, Karetha Bruce, of West Palm Beach, Florida, aka Sister Bruce.  That union produced 15 wonderful children.  I've got 14 brothers and sisters.  They're represented here tonight. 


Yes, sir.  Check that.  Check that.  I'm going to say 14 wonderful children.  The jury is still out on one, Rosalyn.  Oh man. 

I'd like to thank my neighborhood, my village, TaterTown, 29th Avenue and 4th Street, who helped raise me, helped nurture me, my city, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Broward County, being represented tonight by myself and Mr. Steve Hutchinson.  Yes, sir. 

I'm grateful.  I'm having a good time.  I'd like to thank my high school, Dillard High School.  The standard in South Florida.  Class of 1990.  The 1989 State Champions led by Otis Gray.  Dillard had a big influence on my life, and I'm very grateful that I went to that school.  I'm honored. 

My junior colleges, Santa Monica City College.  The NFL legends that were there to meet me and help me and to help with my development.  The great Marlin Briscoe, my position coach.  NFL legend Rock Richmond, thank you.  Dave Burrell and Robert Taylor, who introduced me to work study, and I was so grateful.  Thank you. 

The University of Memphis, aka Memphis State.  Randy Fichtner for recruiting me and giving me a scholarship.  To one of the best cities in America.  Memphis, that is. 

My South Hall of Famers who are represented here today, man, I love you all, man.  I appreciate you coming out to support me.  To the nameless voice that called me two weeks before the draft in 1994 to let me know that the NFL wasn't checking for me, they didn't like me, they liked more of NFL legend Bert Emanuel and Ryan Yarborough.  I know you're alive, I know you're listening, I prayed God keep you alive for this day. 

(Cheers and applause.)

So my message to you is rap legend Kool Moe Dee wanted me to ask:  How ya like me now?


Yes, sir!  To the Los Angeles Rams who drafted me in 1994, and my teammates Wayne Gandy, James Bostic, Toby Wright is in the house, those are my guys.  I appreciate you and love you.  My coach Steve Moore at the time. 

To the city of St. Louis, its fan base, I love you.  Thanks for all the love, thanks for embracing me and my team for 21 great years.  We grew up there.  I love you and I thank you. 

To my teammates Torry Holt, Marshall, Orlando, Kurt, Ricky Proehl, who made the biggest catch of my career in the NFC Championship game.  Oz.  All my tight ends who are represented here today.  Thanks for clearing it out, and thanks for Max blocking.  I appreciate you, baby. 

Todd Hewitt, Tiffany Burns who worked so hard, Jim Anderson. 

All my quarterbacks, starting from day one with Samuel Bruce in the front yard on 29th Avenue.  DeShaun Hill getting me right.  London Fletcher.  Keith Lyle, Todd Lyght, all my imaginary friends growing up in South Florida in TaterTown, Mark Clayton and Mark Duper and we took a picture with Dan Marino, man.  You know that's my guy. 

Jackie Slater, Julius Irvin, Dr. J, for always saying "God did it" before he gave an interview.  That left an impression on me.  All the defensive backs, the ones that baptized me and the ones that I baptized, thank you.  I appreciate you.  I love you. 


To the people of the book.  My people.  I love you.  The message is the work is finished.  Walk in it.  My message to you is:  Consent to be loved.  Consent to His righteousness.  Consent to be awakened.  Consent to be restored and unified.  It's there for us.  It's there for us. 

They moved my iPad, but it's from the heart.  Got 1 minute, 32 seconds left. 


I ran a pretty decent 40.  I was faster with pads on than I was without pads. 

So let's get this.  My people, I love you.  We've got big plans, plans ahead of us.  They are wonderful, they are supernatural, and I can't wait, man.  And Father God is fighting this battle for us.  We're being driven by Him, by His justice, by His vengeance and His recompense.  Yes, it's real.  Believe that. 

The fishers and the hunters have been released, and as one of those fishers, allow me to announce in our native and primary language (speaking foreign language) bless be who comes in the name of the Lord.  Thank you. 

(Cheers and applause.)