Jack Christiansen Enshrinement speech

Jack Christiansen Enshrinement Speech 1970

Presenter: Buddy Parker

Well, thanks very much, except for one thing period a quarterback back in the early days, we could only throw six passes. Well, it's nice to be here again in Canton, and I think Ohio is one of the greatest football countries in the world. And, I have to say one thing, they really selected the right place to have the Hall of Fame. A lot of important positions in football, of course, all the positions are important, but probably one of the most difficult is the quarterback.

But then, whether you realize it or not, there’s a quarterback on defense, and that is a hard position to play. Jack Christiansen took care of all of our defenses, he maneuvered them around although you coach for years and weeks and so forth to prepare for a game situation that come up in a ball game that you just can't quite handle and yet they use your own initiative. Now, Jack, not only a great defensive player in every way, Jack could also play offense, and on several occasions, we played him on offense, and he ran for a couple of touchdowns against the Dallas Texans, in fact, he did everything well. He returned punts and he was a safety and he would return the punts and also the kickoffs. He was an all-around great football player period and it's really an honor to present Jack this time into the Hall of Fame. Thank you very much.

Jack Christiansen

Thank you, very kindly buddy. I, uh, don't remember you saying all those nice things when we were talking contract. Nick Curbaway Why is our general manager in Detroit and he used to say that I miss so many tackles that I didn't cover this guy and I didn't cover that guy, that I wonder if we are talking about the same person. But it is a real honor for me and to be here to be inducted into the Hall of Fame now along with these other three people that are up here. Tom Fears played with the Rams and I never did cover him, that's why he caught all those passes and got in here. Pete Phos, I didn't play against Pete very many times, but I haven't covered him yet. We played against Hugh McElhenny two times a year, and I haven't tackled him yet. So, I don't know, I guess that I have the press and all the fans to thank for me being here, I understand that Roger Williams was instrumental in helping to get me inducted into the Hall of Fame, I would like to thank him personally. I had three coaches during my career, one in high school, Gordon Bug: my college coach, Bob Davis and Buddy Parker, and I would like to say that I owe a lot to all three of them and would like to thank you very kindly. The press and all you wonderful people In Ohio -- Thank you very much