Joe Guyon Enshrinement speech

Joe Guyon Enshrinement Speech 1966

Presenter: Jim Conzelman

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen. I think it's about time that we honor an Indian instead of shooting them. Joe Guyon you might say won back the East for the Indians. He was at Carlisle with Jim Thorpe when the Indians won the Eastern Championship and he was at Georgia Tech when the rambling Rex eliminated and demolished Pennsylvania 41 to nothing for another Eastern Title. Guyon must have been Thorpe's favorite running mate. Jim brought him into Pro Football in Canton in 1919 and the year before the National Football League started and the Bulldogs won the unofficial World's Championship. They played together in Cleveland, in Marion, and Rock Island. As was the case in those days of the folding franchises, Guyon plied his football trade in many communities, he was also at Kansas City and New York and it was there with the Giants in 1927 that he ended his career by-helping Tim Mara's club to win 11 of the 12 games and seize the National Football League Championship. Thus, Joe Guyon ended as he began - a champion.

Joe Guyon

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm gonna greet you like Christopher Columbus was greeted when he landed at Plymouth Rock, - How (a few lines of Indian dialogue) and interpreted, greetings immigrants and friends. I am really happy to be here especially here at Canton where they do things up great and I'm very appreciative to receive this honor and I'll always remember you. Thank you so much.