Pete Pihos Enshrinement speech

Pro Football Hall of Fame
August 8, 1970

Howard Brown (presenter):
Enshrinees, friends, I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation of being called on to make this presentation here today. I consider it the greatest honor in my life. The person we are honoring today started his career in Chicago, played for a very fine high school coach by the name of Bill Island. He distinguished himself there and then continued on to Indiana University where he was an All-American at end and also at fullback under Bo McMillan, the late Bo McMillan. Bo described this individual as the most complete football player he ever coached.

During his playing career he played seven, seven different positions; he played tailback on the single wing, fullback, played quarterback, offensive end, defensive end, defensive linebacker, and defensive halfback . He is truly the last of the two-way football players. Not only distinguished himself on offense he was one of the very few individuals to make all-pro as an offensive man and then as a defensive man. He truly belongs in the Hall of Fame.

He joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 1946 played for the great Greasy Neale, who also is enshrined here. He was a 50 minute ball player. Under the great years of the Philadelphia Eagles, '48, '49, and '50, he played practically 50 minutes of football every game. He made all-pro, seven out of nine years. He led the League in pass receiving three of those years.

The great thing about Pete Pihos, the stamina, the durability that he possessed was in that time, in nine years, he missed only one ball game. I think at this time there is no doubt that this individual deserves among, to be placed among the immortals.

This morning he received a telegram in which I am deeply thrilled and pleased to have the opportunity to read to this group. - From: The White House, Washington D.C. - Dear Pete: It is with great pleasure that I extend my congratulations and best wishes to Pete Pihos, the golden great on this occasion of his induction into the Professional Football Hall of Fame. The highly successful sport career of Pete Pihos is an enviable achievement, one which all sport enthusiasts admire. His renowned durability, versatility, and drive are inspirational, world of sports has ever known. He has been enriched by its invaluable contribution. Best wishes on this most memorable occasion -Vice-President of the United States, Spiro T. Agnew.

I would ask at this time that you would please join me in a rousing applause for the Hall of Famer, Pete Pihos.

Pete Pihos:
Thank you Howard - Commissioner, Mayor, fellow enshrinees, and honored guests. This is the fourth quarter and it's the first time in my life I didn't have to worry about a two-minute drill, but we don't have to worry about winning, because we're here, and we're very honored.

I feel just like Hugh did, if you try to prepare for a speech like this and it's really the greatest thrill that a person can receive in his life. Going through that parade today, you people of Canton deserve the Hall of Fame because you showed us the fact that Lou Spadia said, what football redly is and what football and what football fans really are. It was simply the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to me in my lifetime, and I'd like to thank all the owners who are making the Hall of Fame or helping make the Hall of Fame a very memorable thing for Canton. It just, of course, I've played for, with some good, very good football players, and thank God that some of them have already been enshrined here.

Wojciechowicz, Van Buren, Bednarik, and Greasy Neale, my coach, all people who helped me when I played. Again, I can just say that it is the greatest thrill a person can ever receive in his life and it's very great to come here and be honored with three of the greatest football players I ever played against. Thank you very much.