Tim Mara Enshrinement speech

Tim Mara Enshrinement Speech 1963

Presenter: Arthur Daley

Thank you, Bob. Tim Mara provided the great stage Pro Football had to have, New York City. Tim use to say that the New York Giants were founded by a combination of brute strength and ignorance. In his whimsical way he added that the players provided brute strength and he himself supplied the ignorance. The smiling Irishman was half right the players did supply the brute strength, but Tim was a smart, shrewd, courageous, and unswerving in the pursuit of his objective. Others had attempted to sell the game to the big city, but they had been gypsy-like. In 1925, when Timothy James Mara established the Giants, he had to build more than a team, he had to create fans. He set high standards, he insisted upon a major league operation, full time coaches and players, high caliber competition. He realized the league needed New York just as much as the city need the league, time and again he pulled them together. He left so many towered self-made monument, a football manned metropolis, a prospering league, and most important the greatest dynasty in all sport- The New York Giants – from father to sons and receiving for his father Tim Mara is Jack Mara.

Jack Mara on behalf of Tim Mara

Thank you, Arthur. Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. This Sunday the New York Football Giants, and Mara family, start their thirty-ninth year in the National Football League and during this time we've had our shares of victories and defeats, our high spots and our low spots, but I don't think that anything can compare to the honor and the thrill that I fee l here now to accept this for my father. Thank you.