Preserving The Kicking Legacy

Preserving The Kicking Legacy

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame has the largest collection of football artifacts than any individual or institution in the world. This includes:

  • 30,000 Physical Artifacts
  • 55,155 Game Programs
  • 6,130 Books
  • 11,000 Periodicals
  • 2,000 Team Guides
  • 1,050 Team Yearbooks
  • 100,000 Press Releases
  • 11,000 Game Books
  • 750 Draft Guides/Scouting Report Books
  • 280 Scrapbooks
  • 6,000,000 Photographs
  • 400 Hours Video/Audio

There is so much, that only five percent of the artifacts are on display at the museum. As a part of our five-part series leading up to Adam Vinatieri’s record-attempt this Sunday to set the all time points record, HOF Collections Curator Jason Aikens pulls back the curtain on some of the great kicking treasures at the Hall:

  • Morten Andersen shoe worn in 2007 season (breaking the NFL scoring record)
  • Adam Vinatieri practice kicking tee
  • Gary Anderson jersey
  • George Blanda football from 1971 when he broke the NFL scoring record
  • Lou Groza helmet and kicking shoes
  • Matt Prater kicking shoes worn during longest FG kick (64 yards)

Jason Aikens will be on site in Indianapolis to receive the record-setting game ball and Vinatieri’s jersey after the game. You can watch coverage of it on all HOF social platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@ProFootballHOF).

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