Senator Sherrod Brown Visits Canton

Senator Sherrod Brown Visits Canton

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brown-sherrod-500Ohio US Senator Sherrod Brown had heard about the great progress at the Hall of Fame and the new vision for Hall of Fame Village and made it a special visit to the Hall today

He was greeted by PFHOF President David Baker and received the now famous “lobby” greeting from the entire staff.

Brown then viewed the Hall of Fame Village presentation, saw the almost completed south side of the new Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium and was taken for a sneak preview of the new holographic lockerroom theatre, the Game for Life

“I can’t believe how the Hall is making a difference not just for Canton and north east Ohio, but the nation” said the Senator “This was an amazing place but now it is becoming ‘Disneylike’ truly inspirational."

Hall President David Baker was equally pleased  “We are honored that the Senator spent time to visit us to see the changes as we honor the heroes of the game, preserve its history, promote it values and celebrate excellence everywhere to make the Hall the most inspring place on earth for the millions of fans that love the game and what it stands for."


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