SYSC Ohio HOF Facebook Encore Broadcasts

SYSC Ohio HOF Facebook Encore Broadcasts

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This week on Facebook Live, the Hall premiered the 85-minute broadcast “Strong Youth Strong Communities Ohio” with Gov. Mike DeWine; Pam Iorio, president of Big Brothers Big Sisters; our Hall of Fame team of Aeneas Williams, Anthony Muñoz and Darrell Green with Gold Jacket Ambassador Iman McFarland; and eight high school students from across the state of Ohio.

The program was presented by Buckeye Health Plan and hosted by the Hall's Jamir Howerton.

In the show, the HOF team told the young audience about their various struggles and the obstacles they faced growing up.

Anthony Muñoz was raised by a single mother of five after his father abandoned them. Iman McFarland was bullied for her height that eventually led her to a varsity career at the University of North Carolina. Darrell Green ran to and from school in fear of being assaulted in Houston. Aeneas Williams was threatened with being shot on a playground in New Orleans unless he agreed to be part of a gang.

“It’s not just about football,” said David Baker, president & CEO of the Hall of Fame, “but about the values and virtues you learn from the game to fight violence, teen suicide, drug addiction and to let the teenagers know that we care about them, and they, too, can lead a Hall of Fame life.”

More than 30,000 watched the initial broadcast. The program will be rebroadcast on the HOF Facebook page three times – from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

Here is a selection of comments posted on Facebook during and after the Livestream:

  • What a great message for girls!
  • This is PURE GOLD! 💛Priceless lessons. 🙌🏼PFHOF
  • Thank you, Governor DeWine, Canton Pro Football Hall of Fame, Buckeye Health and Big Brothers and Big Sisters for carrying this most necessary conversation
  • Very inspiring, great message!! Awesome!!!⭐️
  • This is SO GOOD! Love this!
  • Great message!! 👏
  • Awesome questions!
  • Great job
  • Love the message, Iman
  • Awesome life story!
  • Great message!!
  • This is so important!😎❤
  • Servant Leadership!!! Awesome!
  • These are brave youth!
  • Great inspiration, Iman! #StayFly
  • I really admire you Anthony Muñoz!
  • Stay positive youth, ignore negative people
  • Great message, very encouraging!!
  • So proud of all of our kids!
  • Thanks for the support Governor DeWine!
  • You continue to inspire us, Anthony.
  • What a great opportunity to connect with our youth!
  • LOVE this -- Finding Love for Yourself - Stay FLY and find love for yourself. Self care routines are important to supporting mental, physical and emotional health. Speak positively, appreciate others and use words of affirmation.
  • Can't wait to bring my youth football team to Canton!!!
  • Cincinnati Recreation Commission is here to support all youth.
  • Thanks, Iman McFarland, Anthony Muñoz, Darrell Green, Aeneas Williams
  • Wonderful summit. Great insight and inspiration by the 4 presenters. Great engaging host too.
  • Very motivating! Love this 💓 Great messages for all during these crazy times.
  • Great Summit and questions by the kids! So proud of our young leaders!
  • Good words, Darrell...always a great role model. Great person from way back!
  • Great questions, from the students. And facilitators, thank you for sharing, and the love demonstrated, to be present and in the moment, with your timely response
  • LOVE that this event is being put on FOR OUR Youth throughout the State of Ohio! This is truly inspirational!
  • We are so proud of our hometown hero Anthony Muñoz. Thanks for decades of support and the good work of the Anthony Muñoz Foundation
  • Value is determined by what a person is willing to give up." Incredible perspective.
  • Thank you for your amazing message and statement of faith.

Watch the Strong Youth Strong Communities Ohio Livestream here.

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