The Mission featuring HOF Robert Brazile: "Jackson State's Native Son"

The Mission featuring HOF Robert Brazile: "Jackson State's Native Son"

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By Jamir Howerton
Producer, Hall of Fame Productions

Amid the backdrop of two of the biggest stories in football, the Mission Podcast and Hall of Fame Productions connected with former Jackson State University standout Robert Brazile this week for an insightful and meaningful exclusive interview.

With the NFL community saddened and mourning the loss of Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers, Brazile reflects on how his best friend and former college roommate, Hall of Famer Walter Payton, revered Sayers.

“Walter talked about Gale Sayers all the time,” Brazile said. “Gale Sayers was his blueprint. He wanted to do what Gale did and better.

“I have never heard or seen anything said bad about Gale Sayers. We will miss him, and like Mr. Baker said, ‘We will preserve his history at the Hall of Fame,”’ concluded Brazile.

While grieving the loss of “The Kansas Comet,” Brazile’s tears would turn to smiles of joy when he received a call from a mysterious number that would make headline news for his alma mater.

“My phone rang, and I said, ‘Who in the devil is this?’” said a curious Brazile.

“I answered my phone and I heard, ‘Mr. Brazile, Gold Jacket, Hall of Famer No. 312, this is Deion Sanders, and I want to be the first to tell you that we are going to announce I am the new head coach of Jackson State. Do I have your support?”’ recounted an excited Brazile. 

Not only did Hall of Famer Sanders have Brazile’s undivided attention during the surprise call, but he is ecstatic with the new hiring and plans to support head coach Sanders in all of his endeavors to continue the long and rich tradition of Jackson State football.

The former linebacker known as “Dr. Doom” realizes it’s the deeper meaning of paying it forward and the obligation to impart the legacy of Jackson State to the next generation.

“I plan to talk to every football player, everybody that is a J Club member, and we are going to be there and try to fill that stadium up for (Deion),” said a determined Brazile.

“All over America right now, they are talking about Deion Sanders and Jackson State and the Southwestern Atlantic Conference. This is huge for us to get that recognition,” he said.

This rich conservation not only will bring Houston Oilers faithful closer to their favorite linebacker, but for New York Giant fans to learn who inspired Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor on the field and whom Taylor, a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year (1981, 1982, 1986), copied his game from, the story also will blow away listeners.

On top of that, listeners will get the inside story about how a world-renown and legendary ABC sports broadcaster bestowed Brazile with the nickname “Dr. Doom.”

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