The Most Inspiring Place on Earth

The Most Inspiring Place on Earth

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At the Pro Football Hall of Fame, we strive to be “The Most Inspiring Place on Earth”. Founded in 1963, the Hall is constantly evolving and the latest exhibit is the new immersive hologram theatre show “A Game for Life” which opened last July. We recently received these comments from our patrons on Facebook and we thank them for their reaffirmation of our staff and of our values.


Scott Case-“ We stopped in yesterday to experience what I can now say for sure...every football enthusiast has to witness for themselves. All the history, memorabilia, exhibits and so much more were great”

Thomas TK Kennedy-“My son and I went to the hall yesterday.. he is 11 years old. He and I absolutely loved our experience.. I can say we will be back.. My son especially loved and was inspired by the joe namath hologram movie speech”

Greg Brown-“ Was here yesterday with my son, I was here 26 years ago, this was my son's first time (he is a sophomore in high school). Oh those hallowed halls were incredible to see, from the theaters, to the exhibits, the induction speeches, the busts, the rings, the history.”

Dan Katie Dorsey-“ What a fantastic place to visit. The staff are wonderful Even if you aren't a football fan the message that the hall preserves is priceless and inspirational. Well worth the trip”

Becky Haas-“ This is the ultimate experience for football junkies! I had so much fun from the movies, to the holographic locker room experience, to the busts, and the interactive displays. Crazy good time!! Highly recommend this experience!”

Donyelle Jackson-“We loved it. We are from Texas and my husband is working temporarily in the Ohio area. We were super excited to get to go. Our son was inspired by the Joe Namath hologram theater!”

Tim Salter-“ A definite destination spot to rival Disney and others...”

Jennifer Payne Thompson-“ We enjoyed our visit so much and you made a 9 year old very happy!!! We live in NC and it was totally worth the 6.5 hour drive!!”

Mimi Hamesha-“ I was there yesterday with my son, it was his 15th birthday and oh what a treat. He absolutely loved it. It was very motivational for him as he is playing in his high school football team. I am praying I see his bust there one day. Was a proud moment of joy, when we sat together and watched the video presentations - brought tears and laughter !!! Awesome job !!!"

John R Teubert –“An absolute must on any football player or fans bucket list. The short films / stories are really incredible . The facility is beautiful, filled with story boards, interactive displays, player records and accomplishments”


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